Compact Shaking Incubator

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Product Category : Shaking Incubator
Product : Compact Shaking Incubator
Model : JSSI-100C, JSSI-100T

Main Specifications

Temp. Range : ambient +5
~60 (JSSI-100T)

                           or +10 ~60     (JSSI-100C)

Shaking : 60 ~ 300 rpm

Controller : Digital PID Control

Accuracy : ± 0.1

Uniformity : ± 1.0

Capacity : 115 Liters

Precise Temp. & RPM Control

Integrated microprocessor digital PID controller provides temperature, shaking speed, timer and safety at once.

Equipped with wait-off timer, alarm, auto-tuning, in-built temperature calibration function

Temperature and shaking can be controlled together or independently with wait-off timer

Temperature from + 10℃ to 60℃ by ±0.2 ℃ accuracy

Feed-back logic control system provides shaking speed accuracy within ± 1 rpm and maximum up to 300 rpm

Dual digital LED displays PV and SV value.

Displays temp., rpm and time alternatively


Transparent double layer tempered safety glass window for sample observation during operation without opening the door. Built-in working lamp

Shaking motion automatically cut-off to protect user from moving parts when door open.

Slow start and stop motion control provides smooth operation and prevent shock

Spring rack holds various shape of containers

Volume adjustable Flask Holder made by polycarbonate plastic

Specifications & Ordering Information

 Cat.No Description         Size
JSSI-100C Integrated Digital PID Controller 115L
JSSI-100T Integrated Digital PID Controller 115L